General regulation

To prevent some disturbance and to keep good order of symposium, all people need to access to reception at the first. The reception staff will confirm your identification and confirm of consent to symposium regulation which prohibited to capture and recording of presentation.

For Oral Presenters

Presenter will talk with your presentation screen sharing. Next speaker can move to “Next speaker’s session”, and a staff will check audio and screen sharing. We would like all speakers to check and practice of online talking before it. Judges will choose excellent presenter and give oral presentation award.
Presentation time
  Invited Lecture (IL): 25 min presentation + 4 min discussion
 Contributed Lecture (CL): 7 min presentation + 2 min discussion

For Poster Presenters

In the poster session, each presenter’s rooms will be made, and presenters will share poster screen in there. Audience people can visit in all session, and also can discuss with the presenter. For the judgement, we would like presenters to submit poster data (Data will be distributed to only judges).  Judges will choose excellent presenter and give poster presentation  award.
Preferred Poster Size: A0 
If you have some questions, free to contact us.