The 7th International Conference on Smart Systems Engineering 2019

Invited Speakers


Hsin Chu Chen

Manager of Flexible Division in Electronic and Optoelectronic System Laboratories, ITRI

“R2R Functional Substrate”

The R2R functional substrate development: 1. Key technologies developed for customized requirement, 2. Key function design in R2R equipment, 3. Integration functional substrate into the R2R OLED lighting application.


Takuya Isono

Assistant Professor, Division of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

“Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Oligosaccharide-Based Block Copolymers”

Block copolymers consisting of oligosaccharide and hydrophobic polymer segments can self-assemble into various nanostructures in the solution, bulk, and thin film states. In this talk, I would like to discuss about our recent works on the molecular design, precise synthesis, and self-assembly of novel oligosaccharide-based block copolymers.


Ryosuke Kakinami

Lecturer, Department of Human Sciences and Cultural Studies, Yamagata University

How do the ‘Techne’ use ‘us’ ?”

What is the technology today? What is the logos or reason of the techné? In front of scenes like childbirth, reproduction or echography, what separates the nature and the “techn(olog)ical”: the two traditional spheres intricate and intertwined? For working on these questions, we will take for guide a phrase: “Le technique, c’est “nous” (the technical, it is us)”, declared by the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. Finally it would be this “us”, a techn(olog)ical entity that we have never seen.


Vipin Kumar

Material Science and Technology Division, Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

“3D printing of electrically conductive multi-functional materials for structural applications”

Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRPs) using additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, has gained popularity in recent years. It is believed that the AM industry has the potential to manufacture CFRP parts in a faster, easier and more economical way. However, there is no report of manufacturing lightning strike protection (LSP) technologies for CFRPs using the AM process. In the present work, the authors applied an electrically conductive layer via additive manufacturing on top of CFRP panels for effective LSP.


Yuji Nashimoto

 Assistant Professor, Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Tohoku University

“Tumor-on-a-chip for studying effects of flow through a vascular network”

We introduce a microfluidic device to vascularize a tumor spheroid.
By regulating a cellular interaction between tumor aggregates and vascular endothelial cells,  a perfusable vascular network was successfully integrated with tumor cells.
 Using the platform, we evaluated tumor responses in a flow condition through the engineered vascular network.


Edgar Simo-Serra

Assistant Professor, Waseda University

“Machine Learning-based Augmentation of Creative Processes”

Creative processes, such as illustration, writing, content designing, etc., play an important role in human society and communication. In this talk, I will explain on the possibility of supporting and augmenting creative processes with machine learning, allowing for both faster and higher quality results. A part from more philosophical aspects of creativity, I will discuss network model based approaches and their application to interactive inking of rough sketches.