SmaSys2021 has ended successfully.

We delightly announce that SmaSys2021 has successfully closed.
Thank you so much for taking a time to participate SmaSys2021.
We all look forward to seeing you in the coming next SmaSys2022.

The website of SmaSys2022 has been opened.

SmaSys2021 best award

We are honored to announce SmaSys2021 best award.

Best Oral Presentation Award is
CL-5 Ryota Sato
「1 nm order control of the emission wavelength on perovskite quantum dots by crystal lattice distortion」
CL-14 Joichiro Ichikawa
「Electronic states of luminescent centers of 3d transition metals in phosphors based on lithium aluminate」
CL-30 Naoki Matsuda
「Development of multiblock copolyimides with stress relaxation units in their main chains」

Best Poster Presentation Award is
PO-8 Masaaki Yokoyama
「Water-assisted CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots With High Optical Properties」
PO-9 Junya Enomoto
「Investigation of Organic-inorganic Perovskite Quantum Dots by Ultrasound-assisted Milling Technique」
PO-23 Shotaro Nobe
「Synthesis of sulfonium cation-containing aggregation-induced emission block copolymers by RAFT polymerization and
luminescent polyplexformation」

MDPI Special Issue “Smart System”(SmaSys2021)

SmaSys special issue will be published in Technologies an open access journal published by MPDI.
We kindly offer to presenters in SmaSys2021 to submit a paper to “Smart Systems”.
Please visit the website for details.

The Flyer of Special Issue “Smart Systems” (SmaSys2021)

Implementation Method

Our conference will be held on October 7-8, 2021, entirely via Zoom.


Important dates

Title submission deadline: May 7th ~ June 18th

Abstract submission deadline : August 3rd

Poster submission deadline : September 30th

Registration deadline : September 23rd