What is “SmaSys”?

SmaSys is a unique international conference which aims to bring together researchers from a wide range of fields.


Yamagata University is one of the world’s leading centers for organic electronics, focusing on organic electroluminescence (EL), organic solar cells, and organic semiconductors. In addition, research is being actively conducted in a number of fields, and includes basic research in chemistry and materials such as polymers, as well as applications electronics, mechanics, and information technology (IT). To facilitate practical utilization of the research in the various engineering fields for societal benefit, we aim to bring together reachers to present and discuss smart systems engineering at the 9th international conference in 2021. 

The conference is planned and organized by the students of the Flex Graduate School of Yamagata University. Flex Graduate School is a five-year integrated doctoral education program, one of whose aims is the fostering of students’ability to plan and organize, including the organization of conferences. The conference has been sponsored by Yamagata University and held at its Yonezawa Campus since 2013 to support student education and engineering for the benefit of society. However, due to the prevailing pandemic situation and similarly to last year, the conference will be held online this year also.

Who are the main organizers?

The conference will be managed by graduate students.

The conference is intended to attract researchers from a wide range of engineering fields. This will provide greater opportunities than ever before to integrate research results from various fields and promote the creation of smart systems from an interdisciplinary perspective. As a result, we aim to accelerate the creation of a prosperous society in the future. Another objective of the conference is to promote the perspective broadening and globalization of graduate students, and to strengthen their planning and management skills. To achieve this goal, the conference will be managed by graduate students, who will organize the program and chair the different sessions of the conference. Through this, we aim to deepen exchanges between students and young researchers in diverse fields of engineering and from diverse geographical areas, including those overseas. The conference will also provide students a great opportunity to cultivate their communication skills and their ability to find and to solve interesting and important problems that will, we hope, enable them to play an active role internationally.

Who will attend?

Researchers in diverse fields are welcome to attend the conference and deepen the knowledge of the participants!!!!!!

In addition, the oral and poster presentations at this conference are from participants of diverse levels. Not only Master’s students but also undergraduates and students from technical colleges participate in this conference, and their fields of study are also very diverse, including artificial intelligence, agriculture, mathematics, and so on. Researchers in vastly different fields are most welcome to attend the conference and deepen the knowledge of the participants!!!