Conference Scope​

In recent years new smart materials, technologies, and devices have been developed, and are spreading out into many facets of our everyday life and society. To fully achieve their potential, these must be organically linked together as “smart systems”, to help support the well-being of society in the future. SmaSys2021 has been organized to provide a forum for discussing opportunities for collaboration across a wide range of fields and technologies related to emerging smart systems. This conference will focus on emerging technologies and their challenges in the fields of smart materials, devices, systems, and technologies. We believe that smart systems engineering will become an important scientific and engineering field and that SmaSys will have a key role in developing this field.

Nanoparticle emitters glowing at various wavelengths
Liquid rechargeable battery being charged using solar cells.


SmaSys topics will include organic materials, organic electronics, organic devices, inorganic materials, biomaterials, biomedical and biosystems engineering, electrical engineering and informatics, mechanical systems engineering, smart flexible structures and systems, green materials and processing, tourism engineering with agriculture and foods, new engineering education, and fundamental science.